Teen Stereotypes Not Always True

Teen Stereotypes Not Always True

Brianna Carillo, Staff Writer

Teenagers in high school are often portrayed as either nerds, jocks, princesses, geeks, rebels, or overly self-indulgent, having parties and drinking or doing drugs in excess. Magazines, television, and movies all portray the lives of teens as being perfect, cool, or some sort of unrealistic living situation.

There are many stereotypes that go along with labels teenagers acquire in high school. Such as for jocks, especially football players, they tend to get labeled as dumb or brain-dead due to the fact they play a game that involves ramming into other players. When confronting a Sahuaro football player about these stereotypes, Chris Williams had this to say: “People say we’re stupid, but you kind of need good grades to play football.”

Another group of people who get many stereotypes are the theater kids. The people in theater tend to get called loud, annoying, geeky, obnoxious, and weird. After going through the theater department, many of these kids didn’t deny the ways their fellow peers portray them. Senior thespian, Carolina Lobos stated, “It’s just that we are so comfortable with each other as a class; we’re like our own little family, so we don’t really care about what other people think.”

A big group that has many stereotypes are the cheerleaders – they get the reputation that they are all snobby, rude, pretty, perfect, and popular. When talking to a cheerleader about these statements that her classmates say and think, she had this to say: “It irritates me because not all of them are like that but their are some.”

These are only a few of the stereotypes that are out there about teenagers.