Mr. Cutler, the Man Who Loves to Retire and Start Over


Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

Cutler the business man!

We know him as a financial teacher at Sahuaro. We can count on him for the extra math help when it comes to finance. How about a man who has retired three times, but can’t seem to stay away from a job? That is exactly what Mr. Cutler did. He went from trucking, to owning a taxicab company, to making sure waste does not go into landfills, to selling all of his companies. He then thought of retiring, but decided he was too young and went back to school for two years to finish his undergraduate degree; he graduated from the U of A Eller College of Business and Public Administration with a major in accounting and a minor in finance. Then he was given two options: either join the Ph.D. program in accounting at Eller, or become the vice president and chief financial officer of a company that was stagnating: he chose the second option. “I still have second thoughts, and I don’t know why I made the decision I did,” he said. Several years later, after helping the company achieve substantial growth, he retired for the second time.

It was during this time that Mr. Cutler all of a sudden grew an interest in learning about finance. After working for his friend for a few years, he said, “OK I have done what I needed to do to grow your business, so now I am going to retire.” That is exactly what he did, but then he decided to go on and pursue his interest in finance. Which he did…until he decided to pursue yet another career to go on and pursue his interest in finance.

About pursuing teaching, Cutler said, “Well, When I was working, I was going to work for other things, I was always working with numbers, and I always wanted to go into a little bit more in detail with these numbers.” All of that hard work paid off when Cutler finished his degree. After his cousin told him there was a significant shortage of math teachers and he could start with an “emergency certification” while he worked on my graduate degree, he became a teacher at Palo Verde High School in 2000; he also earned his M.Ed. in secondary education and minor in mathematics in May of 2002. He then retired for the third time in his history of retirements. Of course he realized that was not going so well. He then worked at University High School where the kids are very competitive with each other, then transferred to Rincon, then finding his forever home at Sahuaro.

Mr. Cutler wants his students to know, “Mathematics I can explain to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” Wow, what great advice from a non-stop working man.