Are There Strings Attached to Guitar Funding?


Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

Guitar, a very neglected and forgotten class here, is taught by Mr. Greene. He has been playing guitar for 18 years and teaching at Sahuaro for 2. He really enjoys working here and, as some people may not think of guitar and the class’s funding, he believes that the school has enough money for guitars but not enough for extra supplies.

“The Arizona voters personally want funds for schools but at the same time they don’t,” Mr. Greene said. He thinks our school needs to manage our funds and create systems for extra resources for some classes here, including guitar. Guitar student Jacob Olson,  senior, said, “Mr. Marrs took funding from other classes for guitar, but when he left, it stopped.”

One thing he likes is that there are enough guitars for all of his students and more, but not all of them are in good condition.  Some of them having dents in them, but other than that he said he has “the best and most talented students.” Guitar had their first concert on October 1, 2019. Even though Mr. Greene doesn’t have all of the supplies he wants and needs, he is doing his best with what he has.