So, What Are Sahuaro Students Doing About Climate Change?


Calvin Mueller, Headline News Editor

Our climate is changing and there’s no doubting it. After the School Strike for Climate last Friday, students were left asking many questions about what is actually going on. Why was there seemingly no awareness at Sahuaro until the day of and why did another TUSD school, Tucson High, completely walk out? What is Sahuaro actually doing to combat climate change? What is the common student doing to combat climate change?

Gabe Davidson, a freshman at Sahuaro, states, “I do everything that is within my ability as a 14-year-old to avoid contributing to climate change.” This was a very generic common response, as many students say that climate change was “very important” to them. Students have attempted to do things to help prevent the warming of the globe.  A popular response was that students are adamant about recycling–something Sahuaro has actively done consistently. There are a lot of minute details that still have a small, yet significant impact on the global climate crisis; for example, you can reduce the meat you eat, which has one of the biggest impacts on the environment. Hannah Sawyer, a Junior, “tries to not eat as much [meat].” Steps like turning your lights off may seem small, but has a bigger impact than you may think.

Unfortunately, last Friday on campus it was taken as a surprise that there were multiple marches for the environment. They are still happening though, and you can check to see if there is going to be a strike in Tucson this Friday, if not you can even organize on the website.