Mario Kart’s Mobile Debut


Mario Kart game makes its mobile debut on all devices

Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Nintendo’s Mario Kart has made its comeback among teenagers again by making the game available on all phones! On September 25, 2019, Nintendo released their mobile version of Mario Kart which has taken over teenager’s priorities significantly in just a few hours.

Mario Kart mobile lets you add friends, but not play with them, only compete with points

We all have an addiction to our phones, whether we are strong enough to admit it or not, so this app is really ideal for wasting time in class or spending your free time showing your friends how much they suck compared to your expertise. However, you can’t play multiplayer with your loser friends yet; Nintendo has yet (but plans to) release the ability to play multiplayer, so you’ll have to improvise.

Even though the game is amusing to us, It’s not to our teachers…”Everyone’s been playing all day, it’s on my nerves…how about some excitement for a book?” English teacher, Ms. Lange sighed.

Mobile games make up 51% of the $152 billion video game industry, according to market analytics company Newzoo. Nintendo is about to make some BANK. Mario Kart already has 50k+ downloads on its first day, with a rating of 4.6 on the IOS App Store.
While Mario Kart does encourage players to purchase their monthly pass for $4.99 and give them the option to buy Rubies, the game’s currency, it’s unlikely players are going to need to pay to play the multiplayer portion of the game. Right now, the area is still under construction.