Mexican Heritage Month in the Bottom 200


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

With Mexican Heritage month starting on September 15th, you might have seen some changes around the school. Ms. Krause is having her two Mexican-American English classes do projects on anything Hispanic, which includes famous figures, traditions and culture. The walls are adorned with posters of singers, traditional flowers, and flags.

“I did my article on Zoe Saldana because she is such a role model for young Latinas. She is very successful and very empowering in her work. I felt it was important to share that empowerment for Hispanic Heritage month,” senior Amari Saavedra shares about her project, “I love my Mexican-American English class. I think it’s wonderful that these viewpoint classes are available to students, especially those of color. Learning about culture is something that all students should be able to do.”

“My project is on Miguel de Cervantes. I chose to do my project on him due (to) his book Don Quixote and the fact that he is my great uncle. The main goal of the project was to fill our wall with famous Hispanic role models, and his book has been translated into about 140 different languages and dialects, almost as much as The Bible. I found it really interesting and worth focusing my project on him,” senior Dacey Cervantes says. “To me, that just makes English class more interesting instead of just learning about the same people and same things just to a higher extent.”

The students really enjoy this class, and agree that it’s important to celebrate and teach people about other cultures. This project always brings great colors to our hallways, and it’s interesting to see the amounts of people that you don’t really hear about.