State of Mind Album Review

Image from YouTube

Image from YouTube

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor-in-Chief

Not too long ago, I went to see Andy Black perform in Phoenix. With Andy Black were two phenomenal bands I’d never heard of; one was The Faim. Their energetic performance and catchy music got me hooked on their music, and especially their new album titled State Of Mind.

The album was released on September 13th, 2019. On this album includes 10 diverse songs: Tongue Tied, Humans, Summer Is A Curse, Beautiful Drama, Buying Time, Infamous, Amelie, Words Apart, Where the River Runs, and State of Mind. The singles include Beautiful Drama, Amelie, Fire, Summer Is A Curse, and Humans.

Like most bands, their songs sound different from each other, but have a factor that tells you, this is The Faim. Their lyrics focus on topics such as love, heartbreak, broken homes, and being human. They seem like basic topics, but the way they’re approached make them unique and unlike other songs I’ve heard.

My favorite single would have to be Fire because it’s the most distinctive of their singles. From beginning to end, there’s buildup to the chorus, which is the most impactful part of the song. It’s very engaging how it starts soft and grows into the chorus. Not only that, but the rhythm makes you want to bob your head and sway your body.

Singer Josh Raven, bassist/keyboardist Stephen Beerkens, guitarist Samuel Tye and drummer Linden Marrisen of The Faim
Image from Rock Sound

Two of my favorite songs from the album are Buying Time and Where the River Runs. In Buying Time, it starts out with some chilled guitar and a soft voice from Josh Raven, the lead singer. In the first two lines of the chorus, the transition is made from mellow to rockin’. The chorus makes you want to head bang and scream the lyrics. Where the River Runs, however, is a much different song, lyrically an rhythmically. There’s gentle piano playing, but the vocals are what get me the most. You can feel the pain and emotion in Josh’s voice, and you can feel the push and pull throughout the chorus and verses. Especially during the bridge when the high note is popped, you can feel his feelings he puts into the song.

If I had to rate this album out of 10, I would give it a solid 9/10. I was extremely impressed when listening to it or the first time and I’m obsessed with it now. If you’ve never heard of The Faim, here’s me telling you to take a listen, especially to their new album. You won’t be disappointed.