Rutherford’s AP Bio Lab


Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

Mr. Rutherford is far from boring, the man strolls through our campus without shoes and takes a different route when teaching his students about biology. For example, the AP biology class participates in safe, yet effective labs that include looking at different cells through microscopes, or accidentally causing sticky situations with different chemicals, sorry Mr. Rutherford ­čÖé Recently, we had the chance to look at onion cells and animal cells, or in other words the inside of our cheek cells. This was a super cool lab and students were even able to take some pictures of the cells and you can clearly see the details.

This class isn’t easy, no AP class ever is, however with fun breaks like these that allow students to sit back and just have fun, it takes the stress away. These labs are not only informational, but they’re loads of fun and give students great opportunities to really learn and grow from these experiences. Students just want to give a big thank you to Mr.Rutherford, who sticks around before and after school to help students finish up that last lab report, and for being patient with his students when they make a big mess. Now you know Rutherford as someone who enjoys walking with no shoes, and the man who teaches AP biology in room 100 with a smile on his face and a man bun on his head. Now every day is LAB DAY!!