What You’ve Missed


Jordan Myers

Did you miss The Paper Cut? Yes, obviously… Here’s what you’ve missed

Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Did that one chick have her baby? Is she still huge? Who’s getting nominated for an Oscar? Who believes their robbery was a targeted attack? And who’s new ring is a bodybuilder’s weight?? Well, let me tell you, here is what you’ve missed.

1. Yes, that one chick, Amber Rose, had her baby and she most likely is still fat, but who isn’t after having a huge baby bump… Over our fall break, October 10th, the mother of one became a mother of two with her new man Alexander Edwards.

Scrub day: Paparazzi catch Rose’s big side on a day out of the house

2. On our first day of fall break, the controversial movie “Joker” hit theaters with a bang. After weeks of talks of boycotts and protests, Warner Brothers decided to release the movie and hope that viewers followed discretion warnings. The movie became a total hit with an 89% approval rating on IMDb.

Controversial: “Joker” (starring Joaquin Phoenix) does surprisingly well despite being labeled ‘potentially harming’ towards sensitive groups

3. No, that other chick didn’t have her baby yet. Shay Mitchell, best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars, is officially overdue and decided to celebrate her last days of pregnancy with video of her doing the ‘Baby Mama Dance’ in attempt to get the baby out. The actress also revealed in an interview prior to the video, her fright about revealing her pregnancy after she had a miscarriage in 2018. Click here to see some baby mama magic!

Overdue: Mitchell dances for the camera nine months pregnant

4. J Lo isn’t pregnant…but she just might get nominated for her first Oscar/Academy Award! Following the star-studded movie, Hustlers’ release, there has been major buzz about a possible nomination for the triple threat’s lead role in the movie. Tune in to The Academy Awards February 9th, 2020!

Hustlin’: J Lo shared a steamy picture to fans prior to the release of the movie

5. Over fall break, Shane Dawson, YouTuber, released two more episodes of his exclusive series on friend Jeffree Star, a multimillionaire, and YouTuber. The series reveals the behind-the-scenes conversation and exclusive quotes from Star himself on the million dollars lost due to a robbery that Star says could’ve been a “targeted attack,” on the company. The series also shows behind-the-scenes production on the stars’ new palette.

Shh: Shane and Jeffree pose for thumbnail for series

6. Cardi B is living her best life, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not… Over our break, she released two new music videos, spoke at Vogue Magazine’s Forces of Fashion panel, released Netflix series “Rhythm + Flow,” scored a BOULDER for 27th birthday present, and to top it off, is currently on an island vacation with hubby Offset.

Blinded: Rapper Offset gifts Cardi boulder size wedding ring for 27th birthday