The 4-1-1 on Credit Recovery Class


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

You’ve failed a class and now you’re in credit recovery…now what? English teachers Mrs. Watters and Ms. Krause run the credit recovery classes to ensure that students graduate with complete credits. Mrs. Watters covers the zero period class, while Ms. Krause teaches the seventh-period class every school day except for Wednesdays.

If you fail a class one quarter or don’t have enough credits, you will be given the opportunity by your counselor to partake in credit recovery. The class consists of online lessons and assignments to help you pass the class. However, “credit recovery covers all subjects and core classes but not electives, so if you fail an elective class chances are you won’t be able to make up your credit since there’s no online course to help you do that,” Ms. Krause says.

“If a student finds that the online course isn’t helping them pass the class, then that’s when we try to do our best to help them better understand and guide them. There are students who choose not to participate but they can always drop out of credit recovery and face the ramifications later on,” Ms. Krause explains.

The class isn’t mandatory whatsoever, but it’s the smart thing to do…especially if you don’t want to get held back and deal with closed bathrooms, missing toilets, long term subs, and missing librarians all over again.

Former Team Paper Cut member, Alex Stone who graduated several years ago, went through credit recovery and gives four tips for those of you who are new to credit recovery:

1. Passing normal classes is ten times easier than passing online! So do your best to just suck it up in real life.

2. Avoid English and Math like they are the plague! English classes require on average four or five essays per semester course, and math is just awful to try and learn by yourself.

3. If you get stuck, Quizlet and Brainly will save your life.

4. Use your phone! Create a shortcut to the website on your phone and play lessons while doing other tasks.