Sahuaro’s Spooktacular Orchestra Concert!


Sahuaro and the Gridley Middle School

Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

Every year, Sahuaro High School’s orchestra classes have a combined Halloween concert with Gridley Middle School. There are instruments playing, bake sales, costume dressings, face painting, and a very own trunk or treat!

On Thursday, October 24th, the Sahuaro Orchestra dressed up in their Halloween costumes as they played many unique tunes like “Gargoyles” by Doug Spata, “Afterthoughts” by Brian Balmages, and “Corpse’s Bride” by Danny Elfman. As they were playing their tunes, a very own bake sale was going on in the audience, delivering the attendees many sweet treats like brownies, cookies, and bread.

Sahuaro & Gridley Orchestra Performing

Every year, Andrew Nickles, Gridley’s Middle School Orchestra/Guitar teacher, brings his orchestra students to play a couple of their own tunes. The most exciting part of the concert is when they play the tunes “Waltz Of The Wicked,” by Kirt Mosier and “Dia De Los Muertos” by Richard Meyer with the Sahuaro Orchestra at the end. Usually, that’s when everyone lets go of all their nerves and have fun playing!

By the time the concert is over, the students gather outside with their families in the student parking lot and begin their Trunk or Treat. The students’ parents usually volunteer their cars and decorate their trunks to hand out candy. This seems to bring lots of euphoria to the kids – young and old!

The Orchestra’s bowing

If you missed this concert…well, don’t worry! Sahuaro’s Orchestra sets this concert up every year. So come out next year and watch the Sahuaro/Gridley students knock it out of the park with their amazing playing and enjoy some sweet treats!