Homecoming Night: A Success!


Gianni Martinez, Sports Editors

Under the bright lights emerges a strong football team, ripping through the SHS Cougars banner and running onto the field with nothing more than school spirit and the determination to win. On October 25th, 2019 Sahuaro High School and Casa Grande went head-to-head for homecoming night and later came out victorious. Starting off strong, Jamir Gasaway, the star football player, scored our first touchdown landing us in an exciting lead. Not only was Jamir being a star player, but also was our defense. The whole team did a great job and showed Casa Grande who’s boss!

Of course, we can’t forget about our amazing cheer team who was bringing all the school spirit that night, as well as all the hype and excitement coming from the stands. Every cheer and loud roar was heard from all over the football field. T-shirts being thrown into the stands and the bright neon colors showed just how much school spirit we have.








I guess you could say that Homecoming night was a success, thanks to everyone who came out to support their fellow Cougars!