BTS: Auto Club


Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Auto Club is one of the many clubs at Sahuaro, and it poses as an outlet for those who have a desire to work on cars, hone craft, and show achievement; it gives auto-inspired students a place to go when there may not be any other place. Auto Club consists of learning about cars, working on them, and attending competitions and events. Many students get jobs and internship opportunities from the skills they obtain through this club.

In competitions, opponents work to dismantle and rebuild cars against other competitors. Competitions and other events are where the club’s funds go and the reason behind their fundraisers; this includes the well-known car bash. To prepare for the car bash, they have to find a donated car to use, and club members have to dismantle the car to make it safe, such as removing the glass, fluids, and any other potentially dangerous parts that could harm a student. After all the hard work is done, they decorate the car to pose as the opposing school for the football game that night.

Mr. Ramsey, the club’s sponsor, is very proud of the club’s accomplishments, whereas any kid outside the automotive world wouldn’t have a clue how to work with a car. He feels accomplished because “I get to teach them skills to get them out to become productive members of the community and provide a living for themselves.” Many of his students have done well in past competitions and have gone on to work in the automotive field after high school.

Junior Romeo Rubio working on a car

Junior Romeo Rubio just joined the auto club this year. His dream car is a P71 Ford Crown Victoria. With his desire to fulfill an automotive career, this club has been a great addition to his life. He mostly struggles with remembering how to do something, like taking an engine out and actually doing it. In the club, he most enjoys talking to people about it and helping share the skills he’s obtained. If someone wants to learn something new, be around new people, experience new things, and get involved, Rubio suggests joining auto club.

Junior Conner Pessin working hard on his car

Junior Conner Pessin also just joined this year, and he heard about the club through his auto class, saying “it seemed interesting,” and his dream car is a Nissan GTR. When it comes to cars, he mostly struggles with exact temperatures and certain number of details that affect how the car performs. His favorite thing about the club is, “how you get to work with people that share the same hobby as you.” Pessin suggests other students should join because you get to meet new people and do fun projects in the club.

When it comes to Auto Club benefits, Watson Chevrolet is opening a repair shop online for students to take mandatory classes for future workers. Also, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is offering certification tests for high school students, which are needed for jobs in the auto field.

The club meets every two weeks on Tuesdays for business meetings and every two months on Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays.

In March, there will be a car show hosted by the Auto Club, so keep an eye out for posters and an ear out for any announcements to support the club!