Sahuaro Salutes Our Veterans


Alais Alzaga and Alex Bitnar, Media Arts Editor and Reporter

As Veterans Day draws near, we become more aware of the importance of veterans. Veterans are the people who protect our country and they deserve recognition and respect for their bravery. Sahuaro is proud to have veterans who teach and care for the students at our school, some of which are Mr. Wells, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Smith, Mr. Lawwill, and Mrs. Collup, amongst others. The Paper Cut caught up with three of our brave teachers who helped defend America’s freedom and rights.

Mr. Wells, a math teacher, is one of the many U.S. war vets who work here. He was in the Air Force for over 20 years, joining the Air Force to improve his life, serve his country, and for many of the health benefits. “I knew the benefits were like crazy cool,” said Mr. Wells. One of his most exciting moments when he was in the Air Force was witnessing the Berlin Wall collapse in 1989.

 Mr. Smith, an English teacher, is another Air Force veteran who works here. He served in the Air Force for two and a half years. He joined right after high school because college wasn’t right for him at the time, entering the Air Force because he wanted to protect the innocent and added, “My family history; my dad and my grandfather were in the Air Force.”

Mr. Chandler, a history teacher, is a Marine Corps veteran here at Sahuaro. He served for 4 years and a reason to join was because he wanted to see the world. He responds to the question why Veteran’s Day is important by saying, “To honor the people that have given their lives for this country.”

So, make sure to thank a veteran when you see them to respect their nobility, bravery, and sacrifice.