Cyclist Bikes 1 Million Miles


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Russ Mantle is an 82-year-old man who lives in England. Just recently, Mantle has biked his millionth mile. He started to track his mileage 68 years ago, when he first got a bike. Mantle is the first man in the UK to bike a million miles, and claims to be “overwhelmed by the interest” in the accomplishment. Mantle averaged biking nearly 14,700 miles every year. He started biking in 1951. Mantle claims that he didn’t mean to bike so many miles, but they just added up because he loves biking so much. His next goal is when he turns 100, he wants to try and reach 2 million.

When Mantle started biking, he didn’t have really anything to help keep track of his miles, so he started to write detailed stories about where he biked and how many miles it was, including his races. Mantle lead a club and their rides for nearly 20 years and still participates in cycling groups to this day.