Should You Cancel Your Next Trip to Rocky Point?


Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Penasco, is about 200 miles southwest from Phoenix.  This is where many Tucsonans vacation for beach time, but also the spot where 42 bodies were found in a mass grave. A group of Mexican mothers who belong to the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora, or Searching Mothers of Sonora, discovered the mass grave on November 7th. Staff members from the attorney general’s office, as well as forensic workers are going to work on identifying the remains. The women found 13 bodies on Thursday, fully clothed. On Friday they found an additional 14 and uncovered more on Saturday. The identities of the dead are not known, and forensic investigators are unclear of how long the remains were buried there.

One of the graves was in the open desert off a state highway. Lupita Orduño, spokeswoman for the state’s attorney general’s office, said Thursday that it was “too early to speculate why the bodies were buried in a mass grave because officials first had to determine how the people died.” A mother of two young boys who have gone missing in Mexico, Ceci Patricia Flores, said in an interview with KGUN9 “I would never be able to express the pain I feel. It is an indescribable pain. There are no words. There is no consolation,” she says due to organized crimes that have been happening lately. She added, “I take comfort in knowing that families are going to be united with their loved one…and that they will have a proper burial, like they deserve.”