LGBTQ Representation

LGBTQ Representation

Brendon Davis, Beat investigator

Within TV shows and movies, LGBT has been represented quite a bit lately. As for advertisements, there could be more. Many people say that it shouldn’t matter in ads and that no one watches them anyways, but then why does it matter if the ad DOESN’T have LGBT rep. Ads are something that are seen on every platform, they generate money to make things free for everyone. I feel like there should be more LGBT rep to show that it is something normal.

People have also stated that they wouldn’t know how. It’s simple. If there’s an ad where it shows a couple living their life, spice it up and add some lesbians. There are so many health ads that show a simple family living life, so why not make it gay? Even if the medicine is for a certain gender, you can still make it LGBT related, it’s not like lesbians and gays are immune to sicknesses.

Makeup ads have so much potential for transgender models to shine. Many makeup companies don’t have enough trans models, in my opinion. There are so many transgender youtubers that do makeup that would be perfect for adverts. Stef Sanjati (my favorite), Nikita Dragun, and Gigi Gorgeous are a few of the most popular ones. Not only would they bring more attention to ads, but it will also give the transgender representation I crave.

Overall I think LGBT representation would be best for many people and would make a wide variety of people happy. I mean, I already get hyped by seeing how popular some transgender and gay artists have become. It makes me happy seeing how slowly people are becoming more tolerable seeing stuff like this and acknowledging we exist. Hopefully, LGBT ads would be the cherry on top.