Sahuaro Football: A Legendary Season With a Memorable Night

Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Sahuaro football had an overall fantastic season this year, only losing twice and making it to playoffs. This season our team was really out here doing the most but in the best way possible. Friday night’s Playoff game was against Yuma Gila Ridge. Our team started the game off amazing! The score by half time was 21-7. With the way our team was winning you would have never thought that Gila Ridge would make a comeback after halftime. But, by third quarter Gila Ridge made a huge comeback. The end of the game shocked all of with a sad ending. Gila ridge beat our team 27-21.

Sahuaro junior running back Jamir Gasaway took a sweep to the left side 90 yards for a touchdown with 7:23 to go in the second quarter. The touchdown was already his third on an evening where the Cougars’ offense was cruising, giving them an 18-7 lead.  A crazy sequence then saw Sahuaro QB Devyn Roberts complete a 51-yard pass to Ahmad Hunter on 3rd-and-22 to set Sahuaro up at midfield, before fumbling the ball two plays later.

It was a heartbreaking loss for all of our Cougars with it being most of the players’ last football game ever in high school. As the game ended, the team was overfilled with so many emotions, and so was Sahuaro’s crowd. As the athletes walked back to the locker room, the team’s faces showed it all – scattered on their faces was anger, sadness, or both, and it was understandable. Although this game was a devastating game, this season was one to remember. Anyone would say that our team did an amazing job no matter what and that’s because we did. With only losing two games and making it to Playoffs I would say that this was all a big accomplishment.

Some of the players such as Jamal Barnhardt would describe this season as “A beautiful season.” And one of the teams other seniors Trevor Armstrong said “Sahuaro Football Against The World.” With the season being over I think we can all say that Sahuaro really did that!