Artist Spotlight: Alani Buie


Brendon Davis, Beat Investigator

Alani’s drawing of 2d

Alani Buie, junior, has been drawing since 8th grade and rather enjoys it. She is super talented and even wants to sell her art at some point.

Shawn Coss’s, Alani’s inspiration, Art

When asked who her inspiration is she says, “My biggest inspiration is Shawn Coss.” His art is very complicated and shows many different stories.  It is also creepy and has such a spooky tone to it, just like her own art.  Her favorite things to draw are dead things, which is pretty cool because it is different from average art. Alani’s medium of choice is paint and that makes her art more vibrant with  many layers of depth. She continues to draw because she likes to test her abilities. Alani plans on drawing for a long time, and it will be great to see how much her craft will change over time as she matures as an artist.

bead art of Moomin!

As for selling her art, she would like to show off to others and make some money off of it. She does do other crafts as well; for example, she likes to do bead art. Bead art is when you get a bunch of beads, and have them stick together using glue, heat, strings, or thread. You can create little pictures using them, along with adding beads to clothes. Overall, Alani is an amazing artist and is most definitively going somewhere big.