Jennifer Lopez Sued for $40 Million by Stripper


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve watched “Hustlers”, you know that was some bad chick energy. And if you’re right in the head, “Hustlers” is now one of your favorite movies, but if not, there are empty beds in the mental hospital calling your name weirdo… The movie tells the loosely fictionalized story of strippers, led by Lopez’s character Ramona, who goes rogue. The strippers con wealthy clients, teasing and drugging them, and stealing thousands of dollars the men do not miss the next morning.

Anyways, the real-life strip club host Lopez’s character was based on, Samantha Barbash, has officially filed a federal lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez’s production companies, Nuyorican Productions, STX Entertainment, Gloria Sanchez Productions, and Pole Sisters LLC.

In court documents procured by The Blast, Barbash explains that the Golden Globe-nominated movie “Hustlers” is mainly inspired by a New York magazine article from 2015, “The Hustlers at Scores”,  which is based on the true events of Barbash’s career.

Samantha Barbash is a former adult entertainer who worked her “hustle” out of Score’s Gentleman’s Club in New York. She also calls herself an author and entrepreneur.

Barbash told TMZ that she never gave any of the production companies her permission to produce the movie, and is suing for her cut of the one-hundred-thirty-six million dollars ($136,000,000) in profit the movie made, which was a huge surprise for the box office.

The “Hustlers” movie didn’t only shock the box office, but it was also JLo’s biggest release sellout and is surrounded by Oscar nomination rumors.

Barbash reportedly is asking for $20 million in punitive damages and $20 million in compensatory — and wants the company to turn over every copy of the movie, which made over $157 million worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez will carry on with her singing and acting career just as she did when she was accused by fans and haters of using body doubles for her pole-dancing in the movie, which in response, she posted pictures of her bruises to prove that she was hard at work on that pole! All will be good until Shakira and Jennifer bring down the house at 2020’s Superbowl in February. Finally, a Superbowl I will be tuning in for!