2020’s Most Popular Baby Names And New Year Babies


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat investigator

Many hospitals world-wide recognize the birth of a New Year’s baby with a showering of gifts from local business as well as media attention.  So, how many babies were born on New Years Day? Over 400,000 babies. Over the course of a year, 140 million babies are born. Some people say babies born on New Year’s Day are special. The reasoning behind that is that they are born on a brand new year, or in even more special cases, a new decade, or millennium.

In Kansas, there are 38,000 babies born a year. In Australia, there are 311,000 babies born a year. In the United Kingdom, there are 731,000 babies born in a year. Finally in the United States, there are 3 million babies born a year.

As we get older and older, we see that a lot of people have the same names. So what are the most popular/commonly used names? For baby girls, the most popular are Olivia, Isabella, Lily, and Emily. For baby boys, the most popular names are Liam, Noah, William, and Lucas. Some people also choose to give their babies rare/unique names. For baby girls, the most unique are Harmony, Jazz, Katana, and Moxie. For the boys, the most unique are Pacson, Clayton, Zyan, and Rammie.