Flash Forest – A Billion New Trees by 2030

Is This The New Way to Plant Trees?


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Flash Forest is a company that started in Canada that analyzed the way the timber companies plant trees and realized just how outdated it truly was.

Their goals are to plant a billion new trees by 2030. The way that they plan to do this is  with drones. The drones can map land, spray nutrients, and plant seeds using firing devices connected to the drones. The company can plant at 10 times the normal rate and with only 20% of the cost. The drones bring more accurate, precise and faster techniques to the table.

They’ve done multiple pilot tests and you can even view their results on their website, where they have graphed their successes.

Flash Forest offers anyone to helps work with them that are interested in helping make a change to the earth. They call botanists and soil ecologists that have expertise to offer to help with their mission. They’re also looking out for other planting projects, forestry agencies, environmental firms, and businesses to work with them. Over 1000 people have backed them up on Kickstarter and have raised $65,672 out of their $7,655 goal.