Beyond Scared Straight-Will Change Your Life Forever

Beyond Scared Straight-Will Change Your Life Forever

Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

“Beyond Scared Straight,” is a TV show broadcasted on A&E. It aired in 2011 and ended in 2015. The show would take place in a jail or prison where different unruly kids that like to smoke or drink or threaten their parents or grandparents were sent.

During this tour, the kids had to talk to different inmates, and the inmates yell at these kids to attempt to make them change and to scare them into a better lifestyle for themselves. Not only do they talk to inmates, but the unruly teens will also stay in a 4×4 jail cell behind a closed door. While in the cell, they are not allowed to have anything with them. To top it all off, they can’t sleep, unless allowed. They would be treated as a proper prisoner and must follow their commands. As the saying goes, time to do what inmates do.

Another part of the tour is a practice trial. The kids who were on the show, would get in front of a judge, and have a mock trial. During this trial, 2 people are cross-examined. During this examination, one person is out of the room while the other person talks. Each person is asked a series of questions to see who is telling the truth. In one episode, a student was asked if she was willing to testify against her boyfriend, she responded with this, “Do you really want to hear what I have to say? I think he’s just a piece of junk. He’s going to get it tonight.” When the student should’ve said yes or no, she just had to come up with a trashy statement.

The A&E YouTube channel still uploads YouTube clips, and you can still go watch the full episodes on their website. Hopefully, the show makes a comeback!