Lets Not Try This New “Lit” TikTok Challenge

Lets Not Try This New Lit TikTok Challenge

Dacey Cervantes, Senior Spotlight Editor

To the left and bottom right are outlets after the “challenge” and the top right is a charging port after the “challenge”

When you were younger did your parents ever tell you not to put a fork, or any other metal materials, in an electrical outlet due to the danger? What about the combination of a penny and a phone charger in an electrical outlet? No? Either way, don’t try this new TikTok “challenge” at home or anywhere else for that matter.

That’s right folks, a viral TikTok challenge is sparking up some flames. The creativity app TikTok is known for quite crazy challenges, many that have posed as health risks. This specific challenge involves part of a phone charger, an outlet, and a penny that’ll cause sparks, electrical damage, and even fires. Massachusetts seems to be having the worst experience with this,  with having two school incidents involving this challenge. Massachusetts Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey sent a letter alerting other fire departments and educators about this new challenge and the danger of it.

To the left is a screenshot from a video of two people trying this “challenge” to the right is the aftermath every time

Two fifteen-year-old students in Plymouth are facing charges of attempted arson and malicious damage to property under $1,200. Both students had been caught doing this at Plymouth North High School. The city’s fire department found two scorched outlets and a phone charger with a penny fused to the prongs. The students aren’t comprehending the reality of how bad this challenge can be while playing around with metal in an electrical socket.