The Buttertones and Surfcurse: AN EXPERIENCE


Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Last week, I was able to attend a very awesome concert with my friend Gabby. The first concert was on January 15th. There, we got to see The Buttertones which was a 10/10 experience and if they come back to Tucson, I would tell everyone to go. Although I did not know a lot of their songs, I was still able to vibe out to them and catch the feel of the band overall. The opening bands we had no clue who they were, but once Buttertones came out, it was so hype.

At the end of the concert, Gabby was able to wave down the drummer and he gave us both the set list of the night, which I’m not gonna lie, I will cherish forever!! Shoutout to Mr. Drummer boy!

The second concert I was able to attend was the Surfcurse concert which was such an AMAZING NIGHT. Not to be cliché, but it straight up felt like a movie, the whole environment at the venue was really chill and everyone was super nice and friendly. But before that, when Gabby and I got there since we were early and no one told us any specifics on where to go, we were able to see the band rehearse which was really cool because you don’t get to have that opportunity every day.

When the openers came on, they really hyped the crowd up and made me super excited to see what was to come. The first opening act was a local band called The Stripes. They are actually a band from Tucson which made me like them a lot more knowing a little band from Tucson can open for a big band like Surfcurse. Honestly, I hope they go on tour by themselves because I would love to see them get the hype they deserve. Their music was kind of in the rock genre but I still very much enjoyed it, people were starting to surf the crowd and were moshing. The second act was really funny but I do not remember their name but they still were really good.

When Surfcurse finally came on everything got so crazy. Everyone was having such a good time and the moshing and crowd surfing began again. The security guy ended up throwing waters into the crowd which everyone was sharing and just the overall community there was such a vibe and I would definitely want to hang out with those people if I ever saw them again.

Overall, these two concerts were so good and I would straight up tell everyone to go see them because you would enjoy it no matter what kind of music you like.