Alexya Amezcua-Sophomore Class President


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Alexya Amezcua- an athlete, a stellar student, and sophomore class president. To say the least, she’s a hard worker and it’s proven through her tireless efforts that not all of Sahuaro may see. Through sudden upheavals, problems, and large workloads, Alexya remains assiduous and extremely diligent behind the scenes of your spirit weeks, movie nights, school dances, and much more.

Student Council sophomore class president Alexya Amezcua, previously freshman secretary, originally ran for both Student Council positions to get out of her comfort zone, help with class and school activities, and to make all of the classes come together as one, now it has become way more than that to her.

“When I ran, there wasn’t much competition and I wanted to win because I deeply felt like I could do great things for the school by being a part of Student Council,” Alexya says. “My main goal as class

president is to make sure that we raise money for our class’ prom and other activities throughout the year.”

As of currently, the entire Council is working on the end-of-the-year picnic and assembly taking place in May. As an individual class, the sophomore student council is focusing on fundraisers and food trucks that will be at the picnic. The sophomore class will also begin constructing their own class poster.

StuCo is “easily” one of Alexya’s favorite classes. “My favorite things to do are assisting in the planning of different things for the spirit weeks, school dances, and making sure we have a nice class poster every assembly,” Alexya stated. “I really like how all of our class positions all work well together and we just always have a blast in whatever we’re working on. But Student Council can be stressful at times as well.”

Sophomore class’ vice president, Jenna Timms says, “Lexi is always super helpful in all ways but especially Student Council. She always puts others’ needs before her own and if you need help she’s always right there ready to volunteer herself. She could be having a horrible day, but she will still find a way to put a smile on anyone’s face. She is the definition of caring, persevering, and responsible!”

Alexya Amezcua plans on running for junior class president, “I feel like I’m experienced enough, chill with everyone, and that makes things so much easier to accept everyone’s ideas into my thought process and fit them into my long term goals in StuCo,” she says. “My main goal as class president is to make sure that we raise more than enough money for our class’ senior prom and enough leftover for other class activities. I want people to remember me for doing well and thriving in this position,” she concludes.

The class of 22′ is excited to see what Alexya has in store for us for this year and many more to come!