Working with your honey – Britt Echols and Tracey Echols


Britt Echols and Tracey Echols have been together for almost 17 years and married for 12. They met at the Pima C.C. when Mr. Echols says he noticed her walk by and he said “Psst, what’s up?” and she replied, “Ugh” and walked away.

What was your very first impression of him or her? Britt Echols: Very cute and spunky. Tracey Echols: I thought he was a jerk.

What is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done? Britt Echols: Had special songs played on the radio for our anniversary. Tracey Echols: How he proposed.

If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be and why? Britt Echols: Nothing. She is how she is supposed to be. Tracey Echols: Nothing – He’s pretty good as is.

What do you think your partner would say for the last question? Britt Echols: Tracey Echols: He better say nothing too.

What’s your idea of the “perfect” date? Britt Echols: Netflix, candy, soda at home. Tracey Echols: No kids and going to a movie.

_100 What is one thing you absolutely love about your partner? Britt Echols: Always tells people how it is. Never have to guess what she is thinking. Tracey Echols: His humor – he always can make people smile.

What do you both have in common? Britt Echols: Love movies, T.V. shows, and our daughter. Tracey Echols: Everything.

Do you think you’ll still be together after high school? Britt Echols: Hope so. Tracey Echols: Well, yes – after we retire, yes I hope so.

What would your partner have to do to make you want to break up with him/her? Britt Echols: Not going to happen. Tracey Echols: Nothing.