GR8 Fun Facts about Mr. Van Gelder


Meet Sahuaro High School Math teacher, Mr. Bryan Van Gelder.

  1. I was a TOW Missile gunner in the Army, and I once fired a live TOW missile. TOW missle
  2. I am from a small Dutch community in northwest I0wa.
  3. I like to collect Coca-Cola Memorabilia.
  4. I once sang back-up for Barry Manilow.barry manilow
  5. I have been a featured baritone soloist with the Czech Virtuosi Orchestra in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary, as well as with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra here in Tucson.
  6. I got married when I was 19 years old and we’ve been together for over 20 years!
  7. My favorite band is Pearl Jam. Yay, 90s Alt. rock!!
  8. The worst thing I did in high school was vandalize the car of a “sworn enemy”.