The 12th Annual Youth African-American Heritage Day


Eva Lange

Two life long best-friends who enjoyed the event together.

Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

Mariyah Murad, our very own Sahuaro student who took part in the step show!

In the spirit of Black History Month, where we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans who have shifted the history of the United States, where women and men of color walk confidently wherever they go, this is our freedom, this is our heritage, this is us. What better way to bring all of us together than having our very own Youth Heritage Day that’s organized by Jimmy Hart, the director of TUSD’s African American student services. For the past 12 year, youth gather for a day of fun, laughter, and knowledge, as well as a beautiful amount of talented young black individuals who gather together to use their voices and talents to bring one another closer. I along with over 50 other young black Sahuaro students, boarded a bus to Pima East’s campus on Friday, February 7.  Chaperones included Mr. Raymond Mack, Mr. Charles Collingwood, Mr. Kijev King, and Ms. Eva Lange.

Our very own Sahuaro students taking part in the festivities.
Cephers alongside Mr.Mack enjoying the sun!
A young African American who was encouraging us to vote.
One of the amazing performers who sang that same day.

This event included guest speakers like, Calvin Terrell, who spoke the truth that day, who moved me with his powerful words, words that made me feel empowered, words that moved the very ground beneath his feet. He made the whole auditorium stand, make noise, and reflect and in the end we felt different, we took our time to listen to what he had to say and we heard him loud and clear. “The pupil of the eye tells the truth,” a quote from Terrell himself, the quote that inspired the whole message he revealed that day. Along with powerful messages, such as comparing cellphones to crack pipes, and breaking down the word Re-spect (to look at something again), we witnessed powerful talent that day as well. Performers from Rincon High School carried out an extraordinary performance of dance that made everyone stand on their feet and dance! No one could resist the music and the energy. On the other hand Desert View brought the HEAT, they really showed out with their performance. Our own Mariyah Murad and her step team finished off the event with spoken word and a powerful step routine.  Overall all schools and students who participated did an outstanding job and enjoyed themselves and the bonding experience of being young, black, and ready for the world.