Speech Team Wins Big At UA Tournament


Winta Tekle, Sahuaro News Editor

The art of public speaking is a daunting feat and Sahuaro’s speech team is taking on that task.

On February 1st, Sahuaro’s Speech team, made up of Calvin Mueller, Nousha Aldhefery, Christina Niyigena, Gabe Davidson, and Winta Tekle attended the UA speech tournament. Within a speech tournament, preliminary rounds, every competitor competes in 3 rounds. Depending on how well they do in those rounds, they progress into semifinal rounds, where only the top of the top break into final rounds. Nousha Aldhefery competes in Humorous Interpretation, where competitors, using a published work, perform a selection of that piece up to ten minutes in length. It puts an individual’s acting abilities to the forefront. Nousha did so well that she placed 2nd at the UA tournament. Her speech is about the trials and tribulations of flying, all while Nousha navigates the plot through different character archetypes. She plays the part of a nervous flyer, an Elvis impersonator, a TSA agent, and a ticket counter operator. Nousha, in the midst of her achieving 2nd place, says she was “shocked, but glad I achieved a high rank. It’s a first for me!”

Christina Niyigena broke to semifinals in Impromptu, which is a form of speaking with little to no preparation. Competitors are expected to tie in background knowledge to whatever topic presented to them. For Christina Impromptu speaking “challenges me to think on my toes.” It isn’t the first time Christina has broken into semifinals, adding to the growing achievements she has.

Kudos to all that competed and good luck in winning big in future tournaments.