Elite Eight Play for State!

Sahuaro High Schools girls basketball team play for a chance to make it to the final 4!



Ashley Schlegel(left) and Gigi Mcbride(right)

Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

On Wednesday February 19, our girls basketball team went head-to- head against Moon Valley High School from Glendale in their  playoff game to see who would advance to the elite 8. Among those who played, Alyssa Brown stood out, being honored for scoring her 2,000th point only as a junior! With an adoring crowd of supporters on their side, the girls basketball team came out victorious, winning the game with a final score of 60 to 38.

When asking Alyssa if she was nervous about the game she answered with,”Yes I was very nervous especially being a junior, it’s a big milestone I crossed.” She continued the say that “at the end of the day we all have the same goal: to win the championship.” When she found out her team was in the elite 8 she was super happy, yet not satisfied because they have yet to win the state championship which would be a great accomplishment. The other team was different and new to them considering that they never played them before. However, they got through the nerves and played as a team that day, making the win even sweeter.

Hayli Kubly, a senior on the team who plays point guard, showed out that night as well, scoring 6 points and kicking the game off to a great start. As a senior Kubly believes it is more stressful,”because it’s the last ride, mess ups can be used against us at this point of the season.” During the game she was a bit nervous only because “the more we get into the playoffs, the more challenging it gets.” As her final statement, Kubly states, “At the end of the day I feel like everyone gave it their all and we all just want to win, and a dub is a dub!”