Apps And Websites That Make A Difference

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Alais Alzaga, Media Arts Editor

Although many people claim to care for the environment, how many of those people actually take action towards helping the environment? Many people just don’t know how to help. Well, here are some resources that can aid you in having a more positive impact.

  1. EcoCred- This app finds your carbon footprint based on where you live and your lifestyle habits. Once your carbon footprint is determined, the app introduces you to new habits and ways that you can do to lessen your carbon footprint. You earn credits for each habit you complete which can be used to earn rewards like notebooks, reusable straws, to even a 3-month subscription to the New York Times. You can also use those credits to donate to certain charities like the National Parks.
  2. Recycle Coach- This app has a variety of functions. It has a calendar that lets you know when the next recycling pick-up will be, directions and information on drop-offs, and specifics on what you can and can’t recycle. Many people do not know how to recycle correctly and this app teaches you the right way to do it.
  3. Tree Hugger– This is a website that has articles and news on sustainability. It has articles that can lead you to find new products or ideas to be more sustainable. You can find ways that you can help the environment and make your living more sustainable.

Finally, here are a few pointers to help get you started:

  • Bring your own reusable bag when you go shopping
  • Get a reusable water bottle and quit the plastic ones
  • Ride your bike to work or school
  • Take shorter showers
  • Eat vegetarian one day a week
  • Waste less food