Attention! New Ceramics Class Is Coming To Sahuaro Next Year!


Ms.Kimbley with her ceramic projects and kiln!

Alex Herman, Sports recorder

Are you looking for a fun class to take with your friends next year? Are you an art and pottery lover? Because next year, Sahuaro is introducing a ceramics class.

Junior Ashantae Bell glazing her project!

Recently Sahuaro art teacher Kate Kimbley announced that she will be teaching a new ceramics class next year. Ceramics is a fun way to make art dealing with pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat. The big question is how did we get the funding? Well… Sahuaro does receive an art budget and Ms. Kimbley has been able to use the funds for art supplies like clay.

During the class period, students will have time to clean up their projects, meaning double wrapping their ceramic pieces and bagging them, washing their tables, and rinsing. Ms. Kimbley didn’t have a whole lot of experience with ceramics until she started taking classes last summer. When she found an old kiln (that’s like a burning oven for pottery) in her art room that had not been used, she decided to put it to use. She began exposing the intermediate kids to ceramics and they “loved it.”

It is a beginning level class, so it doesn’t replace beginning art, but if you don’t typically enjoy creating two-dimensional art then ceramics would be a fun option for you! Ms. Kimbley welcomes anyone who has either had an art class before or someone who is brand new to art! Kimbley expressed that, “some times you just have to try something to see whether or not it’s your thing. A lot of people don’t know it is until they start doing it and all of a sudden they have something they’re good at and that they love.”

In addition, junior Janessa Maes and sophomore Jazzmin Scarerough, who plan on joining the ceramics class next year, expect to do different types of projects and look forward to learning every aspect of ceramics. Since it’s a new subject to everyone, Jazzmin looks forward to “the new experience and learning.” Janessa and Jazzmin would “absolutely” encourage students to join the class next year, saying that “Ms.Kimbley’s a great teacher so even if the ceramics itself isn’t the most interesting thing ever, it’s really fun to learn from her. She helps make yourself better in the subject.” And lastly, they would like to say, “We love you Ms. Kimbley and we’re excited for the class because we know it will be fun and she’ll do a good job!”

So with a little bit of knowledge and an inside look of what to expect the class to be like next year, the question is will you join?