Bored in Quarantine

Bored in Quarantine

Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

Over these weird times and school being canceled for the rest of the year and having to stay home it gets boring, so I caught up with some freshmen to see how they are handling it.

The first freshman I talked to was Danira Almeraz. She thinks that the school closing is good to ensure the safety of the students. The coronavirus has really had a big impact on her life by some of her family members losing their jobs and struggling to make rent, but luckily her mom who is in charge of blood plasma is still working. During this quarantine, she is getting back into music as she likes to play the guitar and piano. She has also been reading and writing as she said: “I’m just trying to keep my mind going and running.”

The next freshman I interviewed was Alyssa Hernandez.¬† She thinks school being closed “sucks” because she’s not able to see her friends and she also said, “I can feel my intelligence going away.” She’s also sad that her freshman year is over early. School being closed has had a big impact on her life as well because she has to stay home all day and not being able to go to school and learn anything but she has been focusing 0n being healthy and doing her online classes and watching Netflix.

The last freshman I talked to was Desiree Scheneman¬† – she also said school being closed sucks because it also inferred with her sports but it has lucky not impacted her family except that she can’t visit her family that doesn’t live with her. During this quarantine she has been doing soccer and football to stay fit and she has finished her schoolwork, so it’s been pretty boring for her.