In The Name of Quarantine, Let’s Have a Talk…


Nathalia Valdez , Associate Editor-in-Chief

As my long brown hair cascaded over my… no  no, let me try again, as my long- oops once again WRONG. That’s right I cut it off, shoulder length, and no professional help. Quarantine got the best of me. The only looks I gets are of disapproval from my mom; my dad on the other hand hasn’t even noticed (that’s right, it’s been a week). As for my friends, it’s been about a month since I last saw them, and one thing I’ve learned is no amount of social media can compare to actually having a conversation with them. However, I’ve also learned that spending TOO MUCH time with your family isn’t ideal either.

When you’re a kid your parents don’t really ask you for much, you know, what can you really offer? But now, Jesus Christ help me, this “little vacation” has turned more into a “big occupation & waste of time”. Everyday is the same routine, wake up, say good morning to everyone (even though it’s noon), have breakfast, lay down again, get yelled at by your mom for being unproductive (even though there is no nothing productive to do), go outside of your room and get yelled at by your dad because you’re in the middle of his “very important Zoom business meeting,”  go back to your room and take a nap, wake up again, work out, take a shower, have dinner, and binge watch anything you can find on Netflix (since you’ve basically seem it all already). Now, I could list yoga poses, or relaxing music to calm your stress, but in all honesty no one’s actually gonna try them. There’s really no escaping your family, unless you live in a mansion. So I’ve concluded that the best thing to do is write things down, in a notebook or in your phone, and if you don’t like writing you can make little videos, just something that you can go back to later and show your friends so that way it’s like they never left.

Imagine school minus your friends, oh wait, no need to imagine, we’re living it. Before anyone asks yes, I’m informed that our third quarter grades are now our fourth quarter grades if we wish them to be, but that doesn’t stop the fact that there’s math to be learned, and chemical formulas to combined. For the seniors this means no prom, and most importantly no graduation, for juniors bye-bye ACT and SAT (aka no college funding, and yes I cry every time at the thought of this), as for sophomores and freshman their core years of learning are cut short, which will really hurt in the long run when the hard parts of high school actually come. We’re all missing out on some of the greatest opportunities life is giving us, and the only way this will get solved is practicing social distancing, as hard as it seems the 40% of us that are actually doing it are just fine, the sooner we learn to social distance the sooner everything will go back to normal, but remember it all starts with You.





p.s. Jordan if you’re reading this I miss you!!