Restaurants Breeding Ground for Covid


Malachi Hatfield

Senator Doug Ducey has closed many businesses from movie theaters, to bars, to gyms. But a crucial thing he hasn’t closed are restaurants. I personally feel like he doesn’t really take this virus seriously and he was just trying to satisfy people by closing certain establishments.

Stores in general haven’t been that good at enforcing their mask policy, but in my experience, it’s the worst at grocery stores. It almost seems like a lot of big name companies don’t take this virus serious either.

Restaurants and grocery stores have become hotbeds for Covid. I think that all walk-in restaurants should close and that masks should start being enforced in grocery stores more heavily. There’s always people at grocery stores who either refuse to wear a mask or wear their mask incorrectly, and at least one person out of that group of people is bound to have Covid.

You obviously can’t wear a mask while eating. Thus if there’s a bunch of people within close proximity of each other without masks on and someone in the restaurant just happensĀ to have the Corona Virus, then other people will get it and that’ll start a domino affect. Closing restaurants would reduce the risk and eliminate places that you could get the disease.