Wear It Or Risk It ?


Deartis Mason

Masks, I really never thought we would ever have to wear them but look at where we are at now. Almost everybody I know already hates wearing them and I’m just going to say it  – I absolutely hate them as well. I hate everything about it, but for my safety, I would do it any day. Many people don’t wear their masks or take it off when they are talking to someone, and when I see people like that, it seems like they are not thinking of others and their health.

Not wearing a mask is risking not only your life, but the other people around you and a lot of people don’t understand or care about that. I don’t get why people won’t just wear their masks.  If we do this one thing, then soon enough that one day will come when we would walk around without wearing masks or go to stores without wearing them and go back to normal. I don’t see the problem in just wearing a mask  – they even have different designs of masks so why not get one you like and have it on you at all times and wear it when needed.

When I think of masks, I think of hospitals or doctors or anybody in the medical field, especially people that are sick that wear them.  Not people who walk around town or people that you see around the store. It’s so crazy to think that’s our new normal and I don’t like it whatsoever but really it’s all up to us to fix this by wearing masks and only seeing small groups. Whenever I go out, I always keep a mask in my bag because I know I’m going to be going into stores and if everybody did that, we would have less cases and also have more places open. Masks should be normal to people, especially if you know you’re going out somewhere.  You may not like it, but a lot of people do thing they don’t like but they put up with it so why not just wear your mask ?