Fashionable and Safe: Masks

Nousha Aldhefery

Whether you believe in the pandemic or not, there are multiple places that mandate the use of a mask before entering. Some people hate the masks, they hate the heat, the requirement, the annoyance of forgetting one. Other people have taken what was once a regular blue light mask and made it into a fashion trend. The new 2020 trend is wearing fashionable masks.

Picture from the New York Post. “Pandemic Street style: Fashionable Masks Worn By New Yorkers

Masks with designer brands sewn onto them, masks with colorful designs, logos, labels, symbols, anything you can think of, it’s probably made as a mask. This fashion trend is very crucial to the pandemic, because it not only makes the mask more appealing, it uplifts it as a cool way to live a lifestyle. Wearing a stylish mask in these days says, “I care about people, but I also want to look good.” So think of your favorite color, your favorite band, a logo you love and get your own personalized mask!

This trend emphasizes that masks really aren’t a burden in our lives. If you have an outfit you love, why not buy or make your own mask to match it? However, while we need this trend, there are people who wear the trendy masks that aren’t safe. Some are obvious, others are not so much.

A study shown at Duke University experimented with different masks and their effectiveness during the pandemic.

Hartford Healthcare’s picture in the article Masks Save Lives: Duke Study Confirms Which Ones Work Best

This study shows that neck-fleeces and bandanas don’t protect you from anything. Surprisingly, the neck gator is too thin to actually protect you from the virus, and bandanas are similarly ineffective as well. The experiment shows that the most protective mask to wear (besides a surgical one) are Cotton-polypropylene masks.

If you’re planning to hop onto the cool-mask trend, make sure you’re also being safe. It’s cool to wear a mask, and it’s cool to hop on trends. So, have fun, and buy your favorite mask design and show off your fashion trends! You’ll look cool, and you’ll be protecting the people around you.