Movie Theaters: Are They Coming Back?


Deartis Mason , Reporter

Movie theaters are everybody’s favorite place to escape summer heat and escaper reality – something we all need right now.  Not to mention indulging in some favorite buttery, calorie-filled snacks. Almost everybody I know loves to go to the theaters, but since COVID-19 hit us, we can no longer enjoy the buttery popcorn and make memories with friends. Some people have been getting very creative. So creative they’ve made their own at-home movie theater, but it’s not the same.

However, when opening these large places of gatherings, there comes great responsibility. So some things won’t be the same as our last visit to theaters. They are going to be making customers and their workers wear masks and when watching your favorite movie, you and your family or friends will have to be seated more spaced out. Most of the theaters opening will have the capacity at 50%. The Theater even offered safety shields and  sanitizer stations throughout the theater. They are going to be installing hospital grade air filters, as well as daily screening for their workers to check for virus symptoms. The health department only provided four waivers,that will give certain movie areas the approval to reopen, however the ones that got rejected were not within the health code.

Recently Fandango uploaded on their site the re-opening of movie theaters. The theaters that are opening are Century Tucson Marketplace, Century 20 El Con, Harkins Tucson Spectrum, Roadhouse Cinemas Crossroads and Century Park Place  20. With the movies coming back you can’t just go in and buy tickets like we would regularly, you have to start ordering on line. With the Fandango app it makes it very convenient for you to place your order for your seats right from your phone. To get Fandango you easily go to your App store or Google Play, if you don’t want to download it you can go to your browser and find it on there as well. I think this happening is a dream come true to all of us to be able to go out but remember to always wear your mask!