Wild fires in California and Oregon


Mario Reynaga, Reporter

Two of the biggest states are having a crisis as we speak. On August 19 , 2020 a huge storm was passing through California when suddenly lightning and thunder began striking. Currently there are 12 different fires in different areas of California. One of the biggest and richest states is having a battle with multiple fires. The biggest fire Cali has had is the “August Complex fire.” However, the Oregon fire was caused by a much different reason.

Oregon wildfires: Thousands evacuate as Almeda Fire rips through Medford - The Washington Post
Oregon fire, https://katu.com/

The Oregon fire is a big disaster. The people in Oregon claim that it “looks like as if a bomb went off.” Everything went wrong at approximately 2:41 in the morning, and took a two hour period to start spreading. The fire started with a baby shower get together. The plan was to make an explosion of a pink or blue powder. When the gender reveal bomb went off, it burst with flames and baby blue powder. The place of the event was in a dry area that was full of wheat, so the time for the fire to spread took about two hours. The fire has been getting worse and the smoke from the fire has completely covered the skies. Oregon currently has the worst air quality world-wide, and has massive air flow. People are evacuating Oregon and near by towns because of the fire.