Kanye’s Lovely Tweets


Caleb Pearce-Huffman, Reporter

 Kanye has been an icon since his debut album “Graduation.” He’s known for his music and even more so lately, for his political viewpoint and rants. He’s publicly expressed his friendship with Trump in the past and is even trying to run against him. In nme.com’s article, West’s recent lawsuit to have his name on the Wisconsin presidential ballot is brought up. West sued because he was late for the 5pm submission deadline and expected an exception. I immediately reminisced about the lyrics of his song “Stronger” where he enthusiastically raps that “you should be honored by my lateness.” Oh, Kanye… He’s been a face among memes for a long time and I don’t believe that will ever end. He’s also been very expressive on Twitter, often rambling about his label and about rappers like J Cole and Drake.

Most recently he’s been discussing drama. Kanye traded diss tracks with Drake and with J Cole but it seems now he wants to put behind their childish feud and act like men. West expresses his remorse in demanding their apologies publicly. What a funny way of saying “I’m sorry,” Mr. West. According to nme.com, he compared himself to Nat Turner who is infamously known for his slave rebellions that he believed were guided by the heavens. I find this to be bizarre because Nat Turner is involved in the massacre of white slave owners and their families. Kanye, that contradicts God’s word. Kanye uses this iconic black figure just to claim: “I’m fighting for us.” This time, Kanye portrays himself in an older brother standpoint in what seems a pitiful argument in defense of his own character.

West claims that he and his brothers should respect each other instead of fighting as black men “on labels we don’t own… even Twitter.” He continues to roll out tweets the night of September 14th, comparing himself to Moses and the music industry to a modern day slave ship. As a student who took classes on African American history, I see how he feels about his contract is relevant, but also just slightly dramatized. As I see it, he’s out of his mind during this quarantine and wants to rebuild connections with rappers that he may regret having starting arguments with. He is most likely moving forward to better himself in the eyes of God but also trying to maintain a dominant personality online. These are two conflicting mindsets that produce him as laughingstock and as a madman. I find this rampant rambling on Twitter to be a funny past time for a rapper with many hobbies such as music writing and clothing design. Maybe he needs to spend more time alone with God instead of spending time on Twitter.