2020 Presidential Election: The Lesser of Two Evils


CNN.com First 2020 presidential debate

Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

Let’s be honest, the presidential debate was a disaster. If it wasn’t Donald Trump speaking over Joe Biden, it was Joe Biden stuttering on things that weren’t true. This presidential debate showed how scary this election really is for the future of our country. The truth is, this election is far from morals or ethics; it’s a vote between the lesser of two evils. It’s a war between the right and the left, and it’s a hard division between the U.S and people’s values. Personally, I cannot vote, but as a youth of the country, if I had the option I would vote for Joe Biden alongside his VP Kamala Harris.

Don’t get me wrong, I have all the more reason to not support Biden, with his questionable sayings, moderate views, and his lack of progression over the last 47 years. However, as a first generation woman who believes in science, empathy, and freedom of rights, I wouldn’t be able to vote for Trump.

First off, I grew up with an immigrant family, all from Iran and Iraq, all afraid to use their voices when it comes to politics. I’ve seen the news, the BLM protests, and the way Trump has reacted to them. I believe that Trump handled it the wrong way, from sending the federal agents to Portland, to all in all ignoring the protesters’ voices, Trump has shown time and time again he cannot lead a country that doesn’t run on his own voice.

Defunding the police means taking funds and putting them forth into other resources to help. For example, community watch, psychologists, and more training for the cops. This was a solution created to reduce the systematic oppression held by the majority of police, so why doesn’t Trump agree? It’s simple, he doesn’t agree with it because he never listens to reason when it comes to the left’s ideas. This is why America is divided, because he has shown time and time again that listening to each other isn’t necessary.

We all know about the COVID-19 crisis, because it’s affected all of us in horrendous ways. Obviously, this pandemic was inevitable and couldn’t have been prevented, but the spread could have lessened. Trump was irresponsible during this pandemic, he wasn’t quick enough, in result over 200,000 people have since died. When Joe Biden was a Vice President with former President Barack Obama, they came up with an epidemic playbook, consisting of what to do during a pandemic. This playbook included economic plans, housing plans, and employment plans, so where did that playbook go? Trump simply threw it out.

Once again, not listening to reason with Democrats.

Let’s move on to another controversial topic: Abortion. The debate between Pro-life or Pro-choice. Should someone who can become impregnated be able to get an abortion? Trump has made it publicly known that he’s pro-life, and that in his words “There should be some sort of punishment for the woman.” He also states the plans he has to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that caters to birth control, abortions, as well as cancer screenings.

My take on abortion is that it’s a fundamental healthcare right. Women should have the choice, and they should be able to put-forth with their choice whether or not people support it or not. It is MY  body. So why isn’t it MY choice?

One person who fought for the rights of women, SCOTUS Ruth-Bader Ginsburg recently passed away. It has been known as the president’s job to elect another justice onto the Supreme Court, however there is a public outcry on this. Since RBG’s death is so close to the election, why is Trump already focusing on another nominee?

America should wait until the next president in office, it was literally RBG’s dying wish. Let’s say Trump doesn’t win, should Biden be allowed to sit through the next 4 years with a new SCOTUS when he has the opportunity to pick someone for himself? If Trump wins this election, the spot will still be open for the taking, in which it is completely his right to elect whoever he wants. Right now, it seems unfair.

We made a mistake America, and it’s time to own up to it and move on as a unit. Biden wasn’t my first, second, or third choice either, but this isn’t about Biden. This is about the saving of our democracy, this is about not only reproductive rights, but human rights. This is about saving The United States.