Why USWNT Players Should Have a Pay Increase


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Some people call it futbol and others call it soccer; either way it is a beautiful game. The pay difference… not so pretty.

The majority of men’s soccer players get paid a way higher salary than women’s soccer players. As a key example, the United States Women’s National Team versus the men’s team. Based on statistics, it very clear that the women’s team is better overall. USMNT as of October 2020 is ranked number 22 in the world according to FIFA. On the other hand, the USWNT is ranked number 1 in the world.

You would think that the team that is ranked number 1 in the world would have the higher salary, but this sadly is not true. Female to male salary has always been an issue in many sports. I believe that our women’s team players should receive at least the same pay as the men’s team. They are statistically better than the men’s team by a long shot.

The female athletes have tried to earn equal pay. In 2017, the women’s team received a new labor deal that lasts through 2021. This stated that players would be getting a raise, higher bonuses, etc. Even with this put into place, well known players such as Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, and Carli Lloyd still made complaints about how the issue has not yet been resolved.

I personally love to watch the women’s team more than the men’s anyway. They win more, make way better plays, and the crowd makes it so much better. Soccer is a technical and skillful sport and it’s insane that these amazingly talented athletes simply can’t get paid the fair amount just because of their gender. As a female soccer player myself, it is so sad to see that the talented and best team in the world can’t even get paid what they deserve. Will there be change in the future, or will it forever be unequal?