The World of Kit Kat

It’s not just a chocolate bar.


Paula Le, Reporter

Kit Kat, commonly known as a chocolate-covered wafer. In other cases, Kourtney Kardashian teaching you how to eat a Kit Kat. Doubtlessly considered overrated by few. But why though? Have you tried a tiramisu flavored  Kit Kat? Neither have I. There is a great deal to the Kit Kat brand than their chocolate bar that many do not realize.

Step aside because Japan has entered the chat. Since 2000, Japan has manufactured over 400  flavors. *Gasps and eyes widen* That’s right. the country releases new zest depending on the season and region. The brand was able to skyrocket in Japan because of Nestlé.

In Japan, Kit Kat isn’t simply chocolate. Nestlé associated the candy’s name with the cognate “Kitto Katsu” (“You will surely win”). The candy was used as good luck charms, specifically by students. If you see me munching on a bunch of Kit Kats during school hours out of nowhere… no you did not.

Chance the Rapper x Kit Kat in 2016

From Purple Sweet Potato to Ginger Ale, to Bake Custard Pudding, to Red Bean Sandwich, to even Rum Raisin. Who’s one of the people behind the making of the extraordinary flavors? Pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi. Some flavors may be a mind-blowing experience, or it can lead you to question your life choices if you haven’t already.

I have personally tried flavors like Orange, Citrus Mint, Sakura Sake (non-alcoholic though), Strawberry Cheesecake, and Cherry Blossom. I’m able to try all sorts of Kit Kats, for my local Asian markets sell them here in Tucson. When I say you are missing out, YOU ARE MISSING OUT honey. Take a break from milk chocolate, and try a jaw-dropping flavor.

If you are planning to go on a trip to Japan, be sure to buy as many flavors of KitKat while you’re at it. Or buy some on Amazon.