Lack of Human Contact; Stuck On A Computer 


Christopher Martinez, Contributor

The disadvantages to online schooling are stacked up against students but they must perform. Online school is ineffective, and this should have been realized a long time ago. We need our campus back. High schoolers do not have good time management skills, at least most of them haven’t learned that skill. It’s not easy dealing with this six-class workload. Students are getting buried in their work because they have never learned how to manage their time properly, motivate themselves to do work, or even put their phone down. Studying and doing the assignments for classes take longer online than in person classes. So, students are expected to manage all their classes with the distractions of the world around them. 

Human contact is a lot more useful for studentwho don’t have a grasp on a topic, especially math. Having a teacher that can write on one’s paper showing you the steps of a math equation is a lot easier to understand. People with poor Wi-Fi have a hard time with online, whereas at school that wouldn’t be a consideration. Going back and forth with a teacher on where to click on a website is much harder with slow Wi-Fi. Having engagement with a teacher and class makes it a lot easier to finish and pass a course. Communicating with a teacher also helps the teacher understand the students learning abilities and home life. The only person to person contacts teachers have is emailing back and forth for a homework assignment.  

Seniors are spending a critical year changing their routine and everything they have gotten used to. That is bound to make some students mess up, possibly fail, and maybe even give up. In a normal class one of my piers can give me some help with a quick problem. In an online class the teacher must take time for every students’ problems, not allowing any piers to work together. Ive been in multiple situations were online assistance from teachers takes longer than in class, causing many students to not get to their question.   

On the other hand, it can be argued that online classes are more convenient. Students can log in and do work whenever and wherever they want which allows time and location flexibility. Students can create their own study schedule creating time for other activities. Some teachers are very good with managing an online class, but others tent to struggle just as much as their students. It all comes down to how well you can manage your time. Students who can manage time and easily understand assignments are fit for online learning. Those who don’t stand on the other side of the argument.  

Online school is difficult, inconvenient, and out of the ordinary for all of us. Other than the scholars that don’t struggle, most students’ grades are being impacted by lack of human contact, time management, and our new school experience. In upcoming years students will be prepared for online learningit will be different for everyone and some will have a harder transition to college. It all comes down to ones time management to be successful in this remote learning.