Little Girl, Big Voice

Blue Ivy Carter Narrating Matthew A Cherry’s audiobook “Hair Love”


Deartis Mason , Reporter

Blue Ivy Carter will be narrating the new Hair Love audio book by Mathew A Cherry.  This audio book is all about black girls and how they should be able to love their hair the way it is, curls and all. The audio book is based off of a short film by Mathew A Cherry that won best animated short film earlier this year. This film shows how an African American father is trying to learn how to do his daughter’s hair and last year it was made into a children’s book illustrated by Vashti Harrison and that will soon be on HBO Max.

Blue Ivy has already had many accomplishments in her life.  For just being a little girl, she has had some help from her mother, Beyonce Knowles, but she’s killing it. When she was 8 she won the BET and the NAACP award because of her collaborations with her mom, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid who were all featured on “Brown skin Girl” from the Lion King album. With those accomplishments and with her audio book that she’s going to be narrating, she could have a shot at winning a Spoken Word Grammy and that is so crazy for an 8-year-old girl. Cherry shared a clip of the audio book on Twitter on Monday debuting Blue Ivy Carter’s super cute narration. She says in the clip, “Dreamscape presents Hair Love by Mathew A Cherry, narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.”

Fans from all her social media accounts have been so happy and proud that she will be doing this. Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson celebrated her grandaughter’s big accomplishment in a nice and sweet Instagram post Monday. She stated, ” WOW!! I heard my grandaughter’s narration!! she killed it !! I cannot wait to download her voice reading it !! This book was so great for our young black girls to love their hair.”