Ten Things That Make Me Feel Happy and Complete!


Alex Herman, Reporter

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  • 1. One of the things that I haven’t stopped obsessing over is this beautiful moon tapestry for my room. It was for $15 on SHEIN.

  • 2. Nala- my puppy I got for my mom for Christmas. Last year’s Christmas wasn’t the ideal one we had, so this year she was really the only thing that brought me happiness for Christmas!

  • 3. To add on to my room decor, I got 3 glitter changing pillows that I absolutely love.

  • 4. If you know me… I love to write. So I was gifted a new journal that I write all my work in, such as journal entries, poems, drawings, etc.

  • 5. I’m fond of all kinds of perfumes and lotions. I was able to get a few over Christmas break such as Ariana Grande’s new perfume.

  • 6. I’ve been playing the cello just a little over 4 years now, so being able to take the time to practice playing any pieces I get from Mr. Marrs is super rewarding and honestly brings me so much joy and relaxment.

  • 7. My collection of Lupita Dolls. My mom and I are obsessed with collecting these and putting them around our house. Everytime we get one I love to see my mom light up!

  • 8. This gift is super special to me. I got this keychain from my mom for this year’s Christmas and let’s just say I’m over the moon with this one. My mom is a very important person in my life, so getting a gift like this from her was so special!

  • 9. I couldn’t leave off my tapestry without my lights! They have different modes that twinkle or shimmer. Just watching them makes my room and spirit feel lightened.

  • 10. Lastly, my art design that I made. I started to find my hobby in art over break. Once I did, I haven’t stopped making designs..

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