Winter Sports Back On

From Google Images

From Google Images

Mario Reynaga, Reporter

Since this pandemic started we all had that little worry about sports being canceled. They were canceled for about a month, but recently resumed with strict rules, such as wearing masks. The AIA board had a voting board to cancel winter sports all over Arizona. All around AZ people have voted to bring back sports in general, but most importantly in high schools. However, multiple people are also saying that they shouldn’t resume the season because Arizona ranks number 1 in world-wide Covid cases. There has been a backlash since the boys and girls basketball, soccer, and wrestiling seasons were canceled on January 10th by the board.

On January 12th the AIA announced that a re-voting occurred.  The votes were 5-4. So it seems as if AIA has given all schools the option to cancel winter sports or to continue the season.  Steve Botkin, athletic director, stated, “We will be prepairing for practices, but the thing is that all athletes have to wear a mask.” All students around Arizona were happy to hear that their hard work and dedication into the season has not been canceled thanks to the re-vote.  COVID cases have gone up 4% in the last two days, but with the seasons still going on, it’s going to be a little tricky for a lot of students and their parents.

The school season should be beginning in a couple of weeks. As far as  basketball is concerned, only the players and coaches are going to enter the building. Players will have to be wearing masks when they get off the court and on the sideline. This goes for all schools, but again, it’s going to be the choice of the school and what they say.