U.S. Capitol Gets Invaded


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

On Wednesday, January 6th, the U.S. Capitol was invaded by supporters of President Trump. Congress was at the Capitol counting the Electoral College votes for confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden. While this was taking place, Trump supporters were outside protesting against the election results. This eventually got to the point where Congress had to go into lockdown. The protestors made it past Capitol police and overtook the building. They stormed through the Capitol, taking personal belongings of Congress members, as well as pieces of Capitol property such as the podium that House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks from.

The riot resulted in 5 deaths. Shots were fired from inside, striking protestor Ashli Babbitt that eventually killed her. A police officer died as well while trying to defend the Capitol. Officer Brian D. Sicknick died from injuries while “physically engaging with protesters”  one day after the Capitol invasion. Three others died as well from medical injuries. President Trump later spoke out about the invasion. “… mob violence goes against everything I believe in…” On January 13th, the House of Representatives took action in impeaching President Trump for a historical second time, citing his incendiary remarks prior to the attack.