The Brains and The Bold: Mr.Barany


Deartis Mason , Reporter

Mr. Barany is one of those teachers that makes you want to learn and have fun while you’re doing it. He teaches Earth and Science class, he makes his class very interesting, and he teaches you things that you would have never known about. Just like other teachers, Barany also had some struggles because of us being on virtual learning, saying, “Starting a school year is always tough, but online was a whole new level of a challenge.”

He has his ups and downs about doing virtual learning – many people like it and a lot need that actual connection with others. Barany also said, “This pandemic had made me question whether to keep teaching but I remind myself its temporary.”  So this year has been very difficult for many people, but hey we’re getting throught it together.

Mr. Barany is a super cool guy.  He’s not all just about science and school – he actually has many hobbies that he enjoys doing and mainly those hobbies include the outdoors. He really enjoys rock climbing, paddle boarding, and long boarding.  Rock climbing is what he really enjoys; he has been doing it for two and a half decades, but he has not done it in over 2 years due to not having a rock climbing partner to be there for him. Ever since Covid has hit, he hasn’t really gotten do any of the other outdoor activities he loves so much.  He mentioned, “However, since Covid I have focused on my wood working and golf .” His wood work is pretty cool too.  During his free time he will make some wooden bowls or some boxes.  In the meantime, Barany is content to ride his motorcycle around and go off-roading in Southern Arizona.